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Customer Service Categories

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Players take turns to supply items that belong to a specific category related to customer service. Any player who hesitates too long, repeats a previous item, or supplies an inappropriate item is eliminated. The last player left standing wins the game.


To increase fluency with various concepts, procedures, and issues related to customer service.





    Organize participants into play groups. If you have more than seven players, divide the total group into smaller groups of four to seven players each. Explain that each of these groups will play the game among its own members. Ask members of the groups to stand up.

    Select a category. Ask a player to pick a piece of paper (or card) and read the category aloud.

    Supply items that belong to the category. Ask each player to take a turn to say an item that belongs to the category.

    Eliminate players. Ask all players to listen to the items supplied by the other players. Ask them to eliminate any player who commits one of these errors:

    • Hesitates too long before saying an item
    • Repeats an item that was already said
    • Says an item that does not belong to the category


    The category is “What customers expect”.

    John hesitates too long because he could not come up with an example of a typical customer expectation. He is eliminated.

    Chris says, “Remember their preferences”. During a later turn, Pat says, “Don't forget what each customer prefers”. The other players point out that this statement is very similar to what Chris said earlier. So Pat is eliminated.

    Roger says, “A regular paycheck”. The other players claim that this statement is irrelevant because it does not belong to the category of customer expectations. So Roger is eliminated.

    Continue the game. Eliminated players sit down and do not participate in subsequent rounds. The activity continues with the remaining players.

    Conclude the game. When all players except one are eliminated, the surviving player wins the game.


    What should I do with the eliminated players? Just to keep them actively involved in the game, make them the judges who spot other players who make mistakes. Alternatively, ask them to become coaches, stand near any of the remaining players, and whisper suitable items in their ears.

    Customer Service Categories

    • Advice you would give to a new customer service representative
    • Benefits of customer service
    • Benefits of the team approach to customer service
    • Characteristics of a customer service champion
    • Characteristics of an ideal customer
    • Dangers of trying too hard to please a customer
    • Discovering customer's real needs
    • Empathy statements to an upset customer
    • First-rate customer service telephone skills
    • How to apologize to a customer
    • How to be assertive with an abusive customer
    • How to close your interaction with the customer
    • How to follow up a customer interaction
    • How to get feedback from customers
    • How to handle customer complaints
    • How to interact with a customer who has a language barrier
    • How to keep a positive attitude while serving customers
    • How to make a positive first impression on the customer
    • How to make a positive lasting impression on the customer
    • How to reflect and learn after a customer service transaction
    • How to refuse an unreasonable demand from the customer
    • How to say “Good-bye” to a customer
    • How to say “Thank you” to a customer
    • How to win customer's trust
    • Negative self talk that you should avoid while serving a customer
    • Nonverbal behaviors that customers dislike
    • Nonverbal behaviors that customers like
    • Obstacles to providing exceptional customer service
    • Points of contact with the customer
    • Positive self-talk about customer service
    • Roles we play as customer service representatives
    • Steps for getting ready to serve the customer
    • Things you can do when you've messed up while interacting with a customer
    • Tips for establishing rapport with a customer
    • Tips for working collaboratively with the customer
    • Tools and supplies needed to satisfy the customer
    • Ways to be a good listener
    • What customers expect
    • What e-customers expect
    • What motivates a customer-service team?
    • What motivates us to provide exceptional customer service
    • What telephone customers expect
    • What to do when the customer lies
    • What to do when you are a customer
    • What to do when you don't have an answer
    • Why customers leave us and go to the competition
    • Words and phrases customers like to hear
    • Words and phrases that calm down an upset customer
    • Words and phrases that might upset a customer
    • Your hot buttons: Customer behaviors that upset you


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