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Thiagi Group

Participants from Hell

This is a structured sharing activity that enables us to explore techniques for handling participants who disrupt interactive training sessions. 

Different teams receive envelopes labeled with different types of disruptive participants. Participants brainstorm guidelines for handling disruptive behaviours, record the guidelines on a card, and place the card inside the envelope. 

Teams rotate the envelopes and generate guideline cards for handling other types of disruptive participants. During the evaluation round, team members review the guideline cards generated by other teams and identify the top five suggestions.

Thiagi Group


The ET acronym stands for “Effective Trainer”. We use this activity in our train-the-trainer sessions.

Participants work individually, with a partner, and in teams to prepare a list of suitable techniques for providing effective training. Eventually, each participant selects a technique that he or she wants to use immediately.

Thiagi Group

Novice or Expert?

Trainers have difficulty imagining how people feel when they are forced to learn through their weak learning styles. This activity enables them to experience the frustrations of working though a weak learning style—and the positive feelings of using their strong learning styles.
Robert from SessionLab

Experiential learning & Debriefing session

This is a practical training module to teach how to brief and debrief an exercise.

There is a strong 'meta' aspect in this session: you have a real experiential exercise during the session, and you will narrow down on the experience of how the briefing and the debriefing were done by the trainers.

This way participants will have the chance to first take part in a debriefing as participants, and then analyse the experience they just had.

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