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Labor Market Workshop Activities

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Zhulieta Ivanova

Puzzle of Power

An educational game that aims to promote confidence in young people in the search of a job. It is designed to help with boosting their confidence in trying various working experiences and focus on gathering transferable skills, rather than try to find the "perfect job".

Society often forces on young people this idea of having a successful career by the age of 30, which is in most cases an unrealistic scenario. This can result in young people experiencing anxiety, depression, burnout and anger in their attempts to work hard to climb the corporate ladder.

With this game we suggest that any job can support you in your personal and professional development by giving you new experiences and skills you haven't had before.
Vojta Žák

Apples & Pairs

An Educational Game about Discrimination and Privilege

Each player randomly receives a card. Each card contains specific restrictions representing metaphorically the different obstacles people face in the labor market when trying to look for a job or when trying to reach their life goals.

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