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This is a game about organizational skills.


The game organizers aims to have teams to do smalls quests that require communication, responsibility, leadership, teamwork and time management. These quests can't be done individually so it takes team effort. 

"One for all and all for one"
"Teamwork makes the dream work"




    In the beginning there are at least 4 teams made, each team consisting of 6 people. The facilitators describe the rules to participants. Explain where the gamemasters are at (can be done both indoors and/or outdoors). After that there is the time stated that is given to participants in order to finish all the quests. Teams rush to the gamemasters located in different places and after that they are exlpained the rules of the games: 

    Music game

    Give people random objects and get a volunteer to be the director. The director starts by listening to each of the participants improvised sounds using the objects or singing snapping etc. After listening to each sound individually the director combines the sounds to make a song. Participants can take turns being the director and swap objects. This activity needs 1 group to sit in a circle.

    Green LIght, Red Light

    There is starting and finish line created with ropes. Facilitator stand in the finish lines holding green and red flags. When he/she raises the green flag teams have to rush from starting line to finish line while singing the same song. But once the facilitator raises the red flag they have to stop momenteraly and not move. If they dont stop or move even a bit, the whole team is sent to the finish line. It takes individual responsibility and at the same time team effort in order to finish the game succesfully. 

    Blind Game 

    For this game there is a circle created with rope. Inside of the circle there are balls scattered. Teams consisting of 3 people have to divide the roless. There is one person needed who will be blindfolded and picking up the balls. Second person will be standing in the opposite direction so he doesnt see the circle. and in front of the second person there is third person standing who can see everything but can talk. He has to explain to the second person with gestures so second person can talk to the blindfolded teammate. Once blindfolded person finds two balls the game is over.

    Leadership Game 

    Every team chooses one leader from their group. They are given 5 minutes to write keywords for a speech. The main goal is to be elected for a president post in your country. So then, every group leader has two minutes to present their speeches. After all  speeches, people vote by shouting. Whoever, gets the loudest shouts, that team wins.

    Time Management Game

    There is no game for this activity, but teams that manage to finish all games in time, they pass the test of having good time management skills. 


    For all the games succesfully finished, the teams are given handmade badges to prove that they have the game done. All teams have their own papers for badges where they can stick it. 


    After the game finishes, it is time for reflection. Facilitators should provide the questions that will directly be connected with the skills that were used for finishing the game. It should take around 15 to 25 min.

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