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Two Truth & One Lie (Online)

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This exercise is ideal for a team whose members don't know one another very well but can make it difficult to apply for a group with well known people. It provides an informal platform for individuals to share personal information and build trust.



Get to know the team members well.

Improve trust among team members.


  • Ask participants to write down 3 things about themselves out of 2 should be correct and other one should be wrong.
  • Make sure the statements are not easy to guess (e.g. I am a girl/ boy, I am fat/ tall). Find something uncommon.
  • Facilitator can provide an example if needed.
  • If the team is small (<20) ask each participant to to share their statements in the chat, or verbally. (one by one) 
  • Ask the group to guess the lie and count the number of responses to both sides.
  • Ask the one who presented to reveal their lie.
  • If the group is bigger break the participation in to smaller groups of 4-6 people in breakout rooms and ask them to do the steps within their teams and share few of them in the plenary before the debrief.


  • What did you learn from the activity?
  • How did you feel when others guess your statements.?
  • How easy or difficult it was to tell something uncommon about yourself?


  • Group Discussion (Think, Pair, Share)


  • Zoom Breakout rooms

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