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20 - 403 - 25 Medium
Clarifying roles and responsibilities, levels of autonomy/latitude in decision making,
and levels of engagement among diverse stakeholders.


To clarify levels of authority and expectations around engagement in a regular work team or special project team. 




Number of participants: 1-25

Types of participants: Widely applicable across many types of participant.


The RAACI model requires the facilitator to challenge participants to integrate the following questions into Action Planning Sessions with groups.

* Responsibility (Which person and/or team will be taking action?)

* Authority (At what "point" must the responsible person check in before going further?)

* Accountability (Who must the responsible person check in with?)

* Consultation (Who must be consulted by the responsible person before decisions are made?)

* Information (Who must be informed of decisions, once made?)


Document the agreements as a  guide and reminder for the individual and team.

Online Tip

This method may be used online without modification. Online collaboration boards may be used to record the output and provide an engaing experience.


This method is adapted from the RACI Matrix used in project planning.

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