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New Print presets in SessionLab

The start of the new year has brought us some fresh energy and we hope that 2021 will allow all of us to have in-person workshops again, besides the remote sessions we have grown used to. 

Whether you are printing out your workshop agendas on paper or exporting to PDF to share digitally, we have some exciting news for you!

We made an early release (Beta) of the totally new print and export experience inspired by your feedback. It has 3 new presets to choose from (+ we moved the old one as well to the new interface) giving you a greater variety of options for how you want to share your agenda with others. As this is an early release, we would love to hear your feedback on how to improve it further:

  • Export the high-level agenda: the first new print preset, Day Overview, includes only the timing and titles of your blocks, perfect for sharing with clients or participants that do not need all the details.
Day Overview print preset
  • Print several days on the same page: the new Multi-Day Overview preset is ideal if you want a high-level export of a multi-day session. It will help you see a complete overview of the entire session, similar to how you see them in the Multi Plan View.
Multiday Overview print preset
  • Get the old printout format and all the customization options with Agenda & Details preset or use the Details preset if you want to print just the details of the blocks without the agenda in a table view.
  • More useful settings: apart from the new export presets, the whole experience of export has been improved by saving your last used settings and offering more options like selecting landscape/portrait orientation and showing/hiding the fields you don’t need in the more detailed print presets.

Besides the new export options, we also improved the way to manage Groups of Blocks:

  • Description for Groups of Blocks: If you have thematically connected blocks in your session it is practical to group them together so you can move and reuse them easier. Now you can add a Description, Goals, Materials, Instructions and Attachments to the Groups you create in your sessions.
  • Add Groups to your Library: Do you have a favourite sequence of activities that you often reuse in your sessions? Now you can add complete groups of blocks to your library to make it easier to find and reuse sequences for your next session!

Do you have other feedback or requests on how to make SessionLab perfect for you? 

Just hit reply and let us know :-)

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