How IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge improved organizational efficiency with SessionLab

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A photograph of a workshop run by IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge consultancy.

IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge Consultants (IPK) is a boutique consulting company specializing in the design and facilitation of change processes, as well as training and coaching in both physical and virtual environments. With over 17 years of experience, their team is most proficient at orchestrating collaborative processes such as workshops, learning events, training sessions, and team coaching. 

The team at IPK needed a tool that allowed them to meticulously plan and design their sessions down to the minute. With SessionLab, they’ve been able to optimize their workflow and achieve meaningful savings in time and cost too. With contributions from Marc Steinlin and Nqaba Mpofu at IPK, let’s explore how.

Powerful features to support impactful workshops

When it comes to designing impactful sessions, IPK takes a comprehensive approach. With SessionLab, they are easily able to create detailed plans to best meet their client’s needs. 

“For the planning and preparation of our events, we rely on SessionLab as a vital tool in actualizing our designs. SessionLab assists us in meticulously organizing a range of activities into engaging sessions that are executed both virtually and in-person.” 

In SessionLab, the team at IPK are able to create minute-perfect agendas while maintaining complete control over every detail. Facilitators and workshop designers are able to set precise timing for each item in their agenda and add detailed instructions where needed. 

“SessionLab’s automatic time calculations are a critical tool, ensuring that our schedules are precise and free of errors. We can update and adapt them real time, all while staying on the same page. This level of detail, accuracy and synchronicity in planning is instrumental in the seamless execution and success of our events.”

With a flexible Session Planner, they’re able to design their sessions in a way that supports their process. The result? A minute-perfect up-to-date agenda that creates the foundation for an effective session. 

“Our belief is that the meticulous planning of our sessions contributes to 80% of our success in events. This involves detailed planning for every minute of the event, often requiring granular attention to detail. SessionLab greatly facilitates this process through its user-friendly interface, intuitive layout, and efficient session builder.”

Screenshot of SessionLab's timing adjustment feature.

Streamlined workflow 

Effective collaboration is a vital part of how a consultancy is able to deliver incredible results for their clients.

In SessionLab, the multi-national team at IPK is able to collaborate in real-time and dynamically design their sessions. Team members can leave comments and iterate on their agendas in one place, streamlining their process and ensuring nothing gets lost in a long email chain. For the team at IPK, it was a massive step-up from their previous tools. 

“Previously, we relied on a combination of Excel sheets for timing and Word documents for facilitation plans. SessionLab revolutionized our workflow by allowing us to create ‘blocks’ of activities, which we can add to our library for enhanced reusability in future designs, thus saving significant time.” 

Creating a library of their best content, IPK are able to streamline their process and reuse activities in future sessions, across their whole team. Best practices are followed, time is saved, and the whole team is able to optimize their workflow. 

“The ability to efficiently pull activities from previously designed sessions into current ones has been a key factor in saving time.”

Another time-consuming part of the workshop design process is finalizing your agenda and getting it ready to share with clients and participants. SessionLab saves the team time at this stage too!

“Another valuable feature we utilize is the ability to export our planned sessions into Word documents, creating well-structured agendas. Before SessionLab, this process involved creating four separate items: a timing sheet, a facilitation plan, a materials list, and an agenda.

Now, with SessionLab, all these elements are consolidated in one location, making it easier to extract and share specific parts with different audiences as needed. This streamlined approach significantly enhances our efficiency and organization in planning and conducting our events.”

By sharing a live link to their SessionLab agenda, IPK can keep their participants updated and aligned, even during an event. Any changes are instantly visible by all viewers, so whatever changes, you and your team can facilitate with confidence.

With SessionLab, IPK have been able to reduce the overhead and busywork of preparing their sessions and focus on what matters: delivering exceptional experiences to their clients and empowering meaningful change.

Effective co-creation with clients 

IPK primarily work with clients in international cooperation and public service sectors. The work they do includes leadership development, navigating complexity, promoting well-being, and fostering innovation.

These are high-impact areas for any team, and IPK are invested in creating long-lasting changes that engage an entire organization. 

“We operate under the philosophy that organizations are complex-adaptive systems. We are dedicated to ensuring that change is not merely a top-down effort but a collaborative and inclusive process, which we consider essential for sustainable success.”

Co-creation is a vital part of making this happen. With SessionLab, it’s easy for the team at IPK to engage stakeholders early in the process and ensure that any design they create is fit for purpose. 

“Another significant aspect is our capacity to share and co-create designs with our clients directly through SessionLab. This collaborative approach enhances client engagement and customization of our services.” 

When designing their sessions, IPK are able to invite clients as editors or viewers, ensuring that each stakeholder can collaborate in the way that suits them best. When it’s time to present materials to clients, they can export their agenda in Word, PDF or Powerpoint to get buy-in and sign-off. 

“Finally, once a session design receives client approval, SessionLab simplifies the process of extracting the agenda. This ease of sharing the finalized agenda with our clients further streamlines our workflow and enhances our professional service delivery.”

Creating solutions to tough problems while working with organizational complexity is a challenge for any consultancy. IPK believe that “for meaningful change or progress to occur, it’s crucial to engage all parts of these systems.” 

With SessionLab, they’ve been able to involve their clients directly in the design process, improve outcomes, and streamline their workflow. 

A screenshot of a team dynamics agenda created in SessionLab.

Saved time and reduced costs 

With the collaborative processes they create, IPK have been able to unleash the power of groups and create change for teams across the world. SessionLab has played a part in saving time during their design work and streamlining their process. 

“Our utilization of SessionLab has significantly streamlined our design process, resulting in a notable reduction in time spent on session planning. The key benefits we’ve observed with SessionLab include time savings, reduced errors, and the convenience of having a central repository for all our activity planning.

This combination of efficiency and reliability has greatly enhanced our operational effectiveness.

Saving time and improving efficiency by using SessionLab hasn’t just made the team at IPK more efficient. They’ve also been able to leverage this into creating savings for their clients and maintaining an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

“The time savings made while using SessionLab translate directly into cost reductions, which we can pass on to our clients. This aspect of cost efficiency plays a crucial role in maintaining our competitive edge in the market.” 

SessionLab is designed to offer the flexibility and power teams need in order to achieve their goals and meet client goals. By bringing SessionLab to their consultancy, IPK have been empowered to create meaningful change and save costs across the organization.

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