Find your Climate Sweet Spot

The world needs people working in all industries with many different skill sets working on climate issues. Many people are motivated to work on climate but often don’t know where to start or associate climate action with activism, protesting, or politics.

This workshop aims to help participants to help identify their sweet spot for working in the climate space. 

Created by Perle Laouenan-Catchpole


When should this session be delivered?

Find Your Climate Sweet Spot is a workshop designed for a wide variety of groups, teams, communities, and organisations. It can be used as a way to bring together people to reflect and explore their role in climate in a constructive way. 

This session can be delivered at any time for any group that is curious to explore working on climate.

It works well with large groups as it is balanced with personal reflection time, sharing in small breakout groups, and bringing back insights at plenary. The beauty of this template is you can adjust it to fit your group’s needs based on the time commitment of the group.

The agenda design is for an online version of this workshop, but you can easily adapt the activities to different situations, for example by collecting ideas on sticky notes or a whiteboard instead of using an online chat setup.

Who can facilitate it?

This workshop can be facilitated by a facilitator who has the ability to foster a safe space and encourage discussions and reflections. Setting the foundations for a group to connect with one another on climate issues. 

The facilitator should have a basic knowledge of the barriers and opportunities to working on climate and make themselves comfortable with the work of Ayana Elizabeth Johnson in preparation for the workshop.

With the right facilitator and approach, the Find Your Climate Action Sweet spot can be a powerful way to engage a community of people in exploring their role in climate in a constructive way.

This template was the winner of the “Best use of SessionLab” award in the April 2023 innovative workshop design contest organized by SessionLab and the NeverDoneBefore community.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole is a freelance facilitator, experience designer, and moderator who specializes in creating impactful experiences for large groups. With a talent for co-creation and a dedication to fostering meaningful connections, Perle designs programs that bring people together.

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