Design Thinking for Beginners

Learn and understand the five stages of the Design Thinking process in an accessible and engaging workshop designed with beginners in mind.

Created by Carrin Robertson – SessionLab


When should this session be delivered?

This workshop is designed as an introduction to design thinking, providing the participants with steps to take to develop a different mindset and approach to problem solving. The workshop can instill new ways of thinking in teams, and freshen up their approach, working as a starting point before tackling larger projects using similar techniques.

Learning to reframe problems and looking at the scale of the challenge before empathizing with users can help teams deliver well needed solutions. We focus on how to create personas and build a rapid prototype to test before settling on a specific solution.

This workshop is effective in both live and remote formats, and can work as a hybrid lesson as well. We can work with online whiteboard tools to work throughout our learning process, whilst facilitating discussions and presentations alongside, to deliver a successful workshop in a virtual setting. 

Who can facilitate it?

Most facilitators could guide this course using the instructions and exercises provided. It would be helpful to have knowledge and experience in design thinking, in order to reference any specific cases and personal examples of the design thinking journey which could ensure the success of the workshop’s objectives being met.


We have created an easy-to-use workshop template for facilitators and have designed a Design Thinking For Beginners Workbook & Presentation for you to guide the participants through the process.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Carrin Robertson

Carrin Robertson is a Content Marketer at SessionLab and a design thinking facilitator who has worked with community projects to help them solve complex problems, and to further utilize these skills and mindset.

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