Adela Bilovolschi

Say it!

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7 + Medium

An icebreaker game to empower people to be more opened and start a conversation with the others.



The goal of the game is to start a conversation and make the other person say the words.



    1. Make random pairs (of 2 people) - or use the fruit salad to make the pairs.

    2. One pair joins another pair -> group of 4 people.

    3. One pair plays, the other one is supervising them.

    4. Facilitators choose the topic of the game (unemployment, nature), the words and the questions related to the topic. They give each player a paper with 3 words and 3 questions to talk about with the teammate.

    5. Each pair will have a limited amount of time to complete the task (7 minutes).

    6. You can't say the words you have on the paper. The supervisor has to make sure you are not using them.

    7. Each player has to make his/her teammate to say the words they have on the piece of paper.

    8. You have to get the answers to the 3 questions you have.

    9. After one pair is ready, the players should change the roles and the game ends.

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