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People Piles

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Fill in Sheet (5 minutes)

Pile #1 - People are the people you do not feel valued by

Pile #2 - People that you feel somewhat valued by, but it is not consistent.

Pile #3 - People you feel tremendously valued by

Going through a few scenarios

- How would you respond to a Pile 1 person if they came to you and told you that they had too much work?  How would you respond to a Pile 3 person?

- How would you respond to a Pile 1 person if they came to you and told you that they were having trouble getting one of their ideas adopted by their team?  What would your response be to a Pile 3 person?

Go to the worksheet that you filled out at the beginning of this exercise.  Mark with an X which pile you feel that you are in with these folks - where would they put you?  Next, mark with a Y what pile you feel  you have placed them in (how you regard them). 


Additional info

Take out your materials from the left hand side of your folder.

Fill in the sheet - When Emotional Connection Drives Behavior - that is in your folder with the names of people that represent those classifications in your life. I will give you 1-2 minutes to do this

Next - take out the "Pile" cards from your package and put them on the top of your columns.

Lastly - get all of the other cards out of your package and flip them words up.

You will get 2 minutes to sort the value cards based on what you are willing to give the people in each "pile" . As you work your way across, it is assumed that the items you gave people in the previous pile will apply and that they are additive.


What did you learn about yourself from this exercise?

How are creating Pile #3 environments with your staff?

Tell me about some realizations you had regarding your interactions with people.

Transition: We have given you a lot of activities today to take and reflect on - and maybe even reference within your own day to day work life.

Our goal here was to give you a flavor of ADP. We have put materials in your packets that provide the working details of the program as it is sitting in mid-development now. We are working to get it moved forward in development and start our first cohort soon.


Discuss how we are creating Pile #3 environments



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