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Outside of the box

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Facilitate a space where people can think about solutions in under short period of time


1. Players form a circle and the facilitators ask for one volunteer per circle formed
2. The volunteers leave the room and the facilitators divide the rest of the participants in equal groups
3. Each group forms a circle and the facilitators instruct them to not let the volunteer out of the circle by forming a human wall with the only exception being a positive attitude from the volunteer (for example: may I please leave the circle?)
4. The volunteers are moved back into the room and each volunteer moves into the center of each circle
5. The facilitators come into the circle together with the volunteer to explain them that the time limit is 5 minutes and their mission is to leave the circle by thinking outside of the box. The facilitator asks one of the members of the human wall to please let them out of the circle so that they can begin the game
6. After half of the time has passed, the facilitators step into the circle again (by asking politely, of course) to ask the volunteer how they are doing and reminds them to think outside of the box

After the time has passed, a reflection of the game is facilitated.

Example questions:

To the volunteers: Did the first approach you select work?

The facilitators can ask the volunteers who tried to use force to leave the circle to raise their hands. After that, the facilitators ask the people that did not succeed to keep their hands up. These volunteers can explain why force was the first option they selected and how it worked out for them.

The volunteers can also be asked how the wall felt like to them and how they felt during the game.

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