Martijn Teengs

Cartoon duos

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Create chaos and teamwork.




    The purpose of this energiser is to combine the various cartoon characters.

    Think of several cartoon characters that have a double name, or those that are a team, for instance: Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Lucky Luke, Wilma and Fred (Flinstone), Bugs Bunny, Batman and Robin, etc.

    Split a group into two seperate groups and have each group assign a leader.

    These leaders stand in front of a whiteboard and on this whiteboard the first names of these cartoon figures is placed scattered around on (for instance) a Post-it.

    The leaders are then presented each with a set of the second names of the cartoon characters. They read them out loud and the purpose is that the group helps them find the first name, making the duo complete.

    The team that finish first is the winner.

    Because the first names are scattered all around, both teams will start to shout creating a chaos for the other team, but meanwhile also for themselves.    

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