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This activity aims to help the target group get better understanding on the basics of writing a professional CV. It is important for participants to know how to acknowledge and extract different aspects of their personality and experience and put it in their CV in the form of skills and competencies, so they are relevant for the desired position.

This can support you to track your successes, your

development and thus, help you to write meaningful cv and hopefully present yourself well on an interview.

Bring out the unconscious experience to a conscious level, and shape it in the form of specific skills and competencies, so you can build on them.


The goal is to make players feel more confident in creating a CV, according to a desired job position.




    Facilitators create a profile of a person. Concentrate on the different aspects of the persons life: include specific details of their private and professional experiences. If you don't wish to create a new one, use the profile in this activity.

    Create job listing of desired position. Make sure it has all details such as responsibilities, needed qualifications, benefits and salary. If you don't want to create new, use the one from this activity.

    Prepare a template of a blank CV in the form of a flip chart.


    -Participants are divided in 5 groups.

    -They receive a profile of a made up person: his private and professional life information and their goal is to work in groups where each group has to prepare different elements of the CV:

    -They also receive a job listing of the person’s desired position.

    -Afterwards, groups glue their element on a flipchart, thus forming a complete CV. Then, each group presents their CV element.


    1. All participants count from 1 to 5. Find your group.

    2. The 5 components of CV will be on the ground - each group chooses one.

    3. 15 minutes to prepare the chosen component & write it down on an A4 paper (in a neat, ordered manner).

    4. 3 minutes to present their component ¿at a “job interview”?

    1. Photo & contacts

    2. Education

    3. Work experience

    4. Competences

    5. Hobbies & other useful information

    Reflection tips:

    How did we feel? -what were the most difficult aspects in your task? -how was it for you to work on this part of the cv? What did we experience? What can we take out of this? -can this activity support you to write a better cv in the future? How? -how did you approach the task?

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