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What I know, What I ponder on, What I learned

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using defamiliarzation is one of the best ways of drawing attention of people, posing problems and making them contemplate about the problem in hand. hence this brief activity is a



to defamiliarize a concept in the beginning of a workshop.

1. Acquiring a view point of the level of the workshop

2. knowing the most urgent needs of the present audience

3.evaluating effectiveness of different parts of the course on learners. 



    we draw the table on the whiteboard. after introduction we ask the learners to think about the title of column a and b for two minutes and fill in the blank without mentioning their names. the facilitator and her helps will instruct people not to be too detailed or too general. 

    these ideas can be referred in the class but it is not necessary to do so.

    before finishing the course people should fill the third column.

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