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Hide & Seek

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Boost your decision-making skills through the ability to let go of the stress and recollection with your childhood (inner-child).



    Learning goal

    • Increase self awareness and emotional awareness
    • Reconnect with your intuition and inner-child
    • Better decision making
    • Improve communication skills


    Hide & Seek
    5 people count to 100 outloud while others hide. Whoever gets found becomes a seeker too. Game ends in 10 minutes.

    Everyone sits comfortably somewhere close to the meditation guide and closes their eyes.


    1. Start with a 5 minute guided meditation aiming at relaxing the mind and body, 

    2. Continue with asking all the participants to think of and write down an important decision they have trouble making.

      They hide the paper somewhere close to them. 

    3. Participants are then encouraged to let go of the stress associated with that decision through playing a game.

    4. They proceed to play the classic children game Hide & Seek. The game is played for 10 minutes. The game is used as an energizer and to get everyone to feel like a playful child again.

    5. We continue with a guided meditation made to connect them with their inner child and taking them on a small trip in the past for approximately 15 minutes.

    6. The closing activity required participants to take the paper with the decision that they hid earlier, and to write a letter to themselves on a bigger piece of paper. The letter should be focused around giving yourself advice around the decision through the lens of your child-self.


    Form pairs and reflect with your partner on this experience and your childhood for about 10 minutes.


    This game was created by participants of the Youth Exchange Boomerang. The project was funded by Erasmus+.

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