Zhulieta Ivanova

Evening activity

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40 - 50


This activity aims to deepen the connection between participants through nonverbal communication. 


1. You lead - I follow

Participants are divided into groups of two. One of them starts to chant OM. The second person needs to listen to the pitch of their partner and try to match it, also chanting OM. Once they are in tune, player 1 is free to switch to a different pitch - lower or higher than the previous one. Player 2 need to be attentive & match the new pitch as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This goes on for five minutes.

Then, players one and two switch roles - player two leads and player one matches. 

2. You sing - We harmonize

Now participants are divided into groups of three. Again player one starts singing - holding a pitch of their choice. Then, player two joins, singing in a higher pitch. Finally, player three joins, singing in an even higher pitch to complete the chord. (Each chord has 3 main notes. A chord can be built starting with any given note.) Players switch roles so that every player has been number one, two and three in some order.

This activity is about interdependence. 

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