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Be yourself

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A workshop is created in order to make the participants think more about who they really are and what makes them themselves, to learn more about other participants while having Fun!



The purpose of the exercise is to encourage the participants to explore their identities in a creative way and to create a trustful atmosphere in the group.  




    1. To create the Sun of your identities (individually) with approximately 10 rays (and more) where you put a word or a phrase that identify your personality (15 min).

    2. To share a few personality traits within a small group (15 min).

    3. After that, make a group circle, pick one identity, create a motion, and present it in a circle. The rest of the participants repeats the motion one by one (10 min). 

    4. For the evaluation divide the group in 4 parts, prepare 4 flipcharts with questions:
    - What did you learn from the workshop

    - What did you like the most

    - Make a simple draw that represents you emotions at the moment

    - Create an evaluation scale (or diagram) and ask the participants to mark how satisfied they are. 

    5. A big group reflection. In a circle ask the participants the following questions:

    - How was the Sun exercise for you? Was it easy/difficult to come up with 10+ identities?

    - How did you feel while sharing them in a small group

    - Was it challenging to create a spontaneous motion? How did you when the rests repeated it? 

    - Did you discover something new about yourself and the others? 


    Relaxing music for the whole workshop

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