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Background Expression

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An easy energiser using Zoom virtual backgrounds (with some non-Zoom options) 



Create participant awareness of their entire presence on screen including background, camera angle, and non-verbal movement.




    1. Before the session, participants create and upload a virtual background.

    2. Participants explain their virtual background choice and/or meaning in their warmer.

    Continuation options

    Incorporate virtual background design into presentation and facilitation skills by creating content slides as virtual backgrounds. These slide-based backgrounds can replace screen sharing features and keep presenters’ videos larger on audience’s screens (as opposed to becoming a thumbnail when screen sharing).

    Variations (for non-Zoom platforms)

    a) Participants without virtual background capabilities can discuss their live backgrounds (location, items behind them, etc.).

    b) Participants unable to participate due to tech or location reasons can share files or screen share images they would choose as their virtual background.

    c) Background images can be shared with others for later use.

    d) Moving backgrounds (.mp4 file upload) create other opportunities but also possible distractions.

    e) Prezi Video allows live broadcasting with images and text on screen (with paid accounts and desktop app). These aren’t virtual backgrounds as images will be floating on the screen.


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