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We are excited to introduce you the latest updates in SessionLab.

  • Your Private and Team Libraries of facilitation resources: Do you have some favourite methods or exercises that you often (re)use in your sessions? Now you can add them to your dedicated Private Library in SessionLab, so you can quickly find them next time you want to use them! If you work in a team, a new Team Library can be handy to have a shared knowledge base of facilitation methods within your team!
  • Add resources to library from your sessions: Next time you feel you have just created a block in one of your session worthy to be saved for later, just select Add to library… and you can store it as resource in your Private, Team’s or Public Library.
  • Share your session plans with clients without a SessionLab account: If you want to show your session plan to someone without forcing them to create a SessionLab account (or sending a printout in PDF), you can now do it by creating and sharing a link to your session. By default your sessions are still private and you can enable the shareable link from the Collaborators sidebar for each session.Share a session with a link

Go ahead and check it all out at!

We’re looking forward to further improving both the public and private libraries of SessionLab to make them even more useful knowledge base for your session preparations. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas!

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