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Rich text formatting, session activity indicator & library commenting 💬P

We are happy to bring you the latest updates in SessionLab:

  • Let your text become rich! – not only in content but also in format. Rich-text formatting is now available in the session planner, so you can apply bold, italic, underline and bullet point formatting in any section of your session blocks.
  • Get to know in a glance if any of your sessions has been changed while you were away. If you work collaboratively on session plans, and your collaborators edit your session or make a comment while you are away, then an activity indicator ● will be shown on your homepage on the session card. Combine it with sorting sessions by ‘Modified date’, and you never miss an update of your sessions.

We also came up with a set of improvements in the library:

  • Commenting in library: Have you used a facilitation method from a library and you have feedback for it? By making comments on the library content you can start a conversation, share your feedback and build a living knowledge base of facilitation methods and practice.
  • Difficulty indicator: when you want to use a method you found in the library, wouldn’t it be good to know how difficult is this method to use from the author’s perspective? Now a 3-level indicator helps you to understand whether a particular method can be easily applied, or requires advanced skills to deliver.
  • New field in library to store background information: add historical development, references or any other bits of information that is not delivery-related. This enables you to keep the instructions field focused on the delivery-related information. Importantly, instructions are included on the session printout while background information is not.

Go ahead and check them out at!

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