WARP Remote Retrospective ​

Review a project or initiative and create action points with your virtual team in just over an hour.​

Created by Antti Kirjavainen, Flowa

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When should this session be delivered?

The WARP remote retrospective session should be delivered at the end of a project, initiative, or period of work such as the end of a sprint. So long as you are clear with your team about the period of time/work you are focusing on, your retrospective can be both exhaustive and succinct. 

The format of the retrospective session includes reviewing actions agreed upon at a previous retrospective and discussing what to continue and stop doing. As such, it’s useful to run these retrospectives consistently and build upon the work of a previous session.

Getting into a retrospective habit can ensure all learning points are collected while future actions are effectively allocated – all while enabling your team to do their best work! 

Who can facilitate it?

While any facilitator or leader can lead the remote retrospective effectively using the instructions and notes in the template, being familiar with agile retrospective concepts such as the retrospective prime directive can help ensure the success of this workshop. A major stakeholder or head of department with facilitation experience is a good candidate to lead the session. Having knowledge or decision-making ability around long term goals can help ensure action points generated during the remote retrospective are followed upon.

Regardless of who facilitates, it’s vital to have those involved in the project or initiative being discussed in the room alongside decision-makers or stakeholders.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Antti Kirjavainen is an experienced coach and entrepreneur. He is a collaboration gardener who helps knowledge workers maximise their impact together. As a playful and kind seeker of wisdom Antti promotes appreciation of people, nature and healthy relationships between them.

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