The Scent of Shame Workshop

An experimental, interactive workshop designed to help participants explore methods of disarming shame and activate inner wisdom.

Created by Sara Huang


In this interactive and playful environment, participants have the opportunity to:

Using a combination of group discussion, creative expression, and somatic techniques, participants get to build resilience and learn to embrace vulnerability as a strength. 

Whether they are struggling with shame related to past experiences, current challenges, or simply the pressures of daily life, this workshop will provide them with the tools and support they need to move forward with greater clarity, resilience, and self-awareness.

When should this session be delivered?

As a team leader or HR director, you know how important it is to foster a culture of psychological safety in your organization. When team members feel safe to express themselves, take risks, and learn from mistakes, they’re more engaged, innovative, and productive.

But what happens when shame gets in the way? Shame is a powerful emotion that can undermine team collaboration, prevent open communication, and lead to disengagement and burnout.

That’s where this workshop comes in. When curiousity and wonder can be invited in ‘shadow’ work

Please SKIP this session if you:
  • prefer a confrontational and sharp style of personal development (type drill sergeant)
  • believe that shaming and blaming are the only way to motivate folks to improve
  • want a quick fix to lifelong problems
  • get the creeps from nonlinear and irrational approaches
  • would rather shove uncomfortable feelings somewhere unseen and unloved

Who can facilitate it?

Facilitators who have done their own innerwork and are comfortable holding space and creating psychological safety for the group. Experienced facilitators who specialize in working with shame and vulnerability in team contexts.

This template was the winner of the “Community Choice” award in the April 2023 innovative workshop design contest organized by SessionLab and the NeverDoneBefore community.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Sara Huang

Sara Huang, MSc., is a certified coach in Power Intelligence and a facilitator specializing in curating bespoken transformative spaces. She uses soft power, relationship and community building to create brave spaces for creativity and expressiveness. To truly make the invisible seen and the unspoken heard, Sara believes that we need to work together — embodied, aware, and trusting each other. Sara has a masters degree in Public Administration and lives in the Netherlands

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