Team Workshop with WonderCards​

Encourage team development when working towards common goals or when addressing complex issues​

Created by Nadja Petranovskaja


When should this session be delivered?

This full-day workshop plan should be aimed at teams with a common goal or objective. The group may be currently going through a degree of change and may be in need of realignment, problem solving, or re-focussing on the importance of teamwork to succeed within an organisation.

The team(s) may or may not currently work in an agile environment; the Agile Manifesto activity focuses simply on the key points of the Agile Manifesto Framework and how these values can contribute to the success of a team.

The group may also need practice addressing complex issues and this workshop will show the team how to break these issues into smaller areas and to share their learnings with other team members. 

Who can facilitate it?

The activities in this workshop are sourced from Nadja Petranovskaja’s workshop facilitation aid: WonderCards. You may choose to deliver the session yourself with the instructions and notes in the template, though ideally you’ll already have had some experience developing and aligning teams.

However, you may also wish to have an external facilitator leading the session if an external leader with an outsiders’ perspective and without internal knowledge and is better suited to your goals.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Nadja Petranovskaja has more than 20 years of experience as a business psychologist. After finishing her studies in Hamburg, the native Russian gained international experience as a consultant, project manager and manager in a wide range of industries and worked e.g. at Daimler, IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and for Airbus.

Nadja is a specialist in change management and motivation, and in her career to date she has had overall responsibility for an IT project portfolio in Eastern Europe, has supported bank mergers, optimized processes and built an aircraft. She found out what made all the situations in multinational highly complex projects a success: people who enjoy doing their work and look forward to every Monday.

In 2011, Nadja changed her perspective and committed herself, as an independent entrepreneur, to the task of making organisations, teams and individuals fit for the future. As an author, blogger, speaker and facilitator, Nadja brings fresh, actionable impulses and encouragement for coping with changes.