Team Development Day for a New Team​

Engaging and active team building workshop to improve teamwork​

Created by Shirley Gaston

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When should this session be delivered?

This full-day team development session can be delivered to teams that are relatively new but preferably already having some experience in working together.

If you are facilitating this session as the manager of the team, you will need to get clear in your own mind about the collective purpose of your team.

The session plan is quite prescriptive in an attempt to provide the maximum support to you as a manager running this team development session. Do feel free to adapt and change it to suit your own purposes and substitute tasks or cut them out where useful conversations take longer than anticipated.

Who can facilitate it?

You may choose to deliver the session yourself as the manager of the team, or have an external facilitator leading the session. Having an external facilitator is certainly recommended if you should be an active member of the team in the future.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

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Shirley has specialised in experiential learning for more than 20 years. She values integrity and honesty and these qualities are intrinsic to her learning programmes. It is important to her to be really approachable and, although highly professional, her overt friendliness and generosity are part of her style.

Shirley has worked in training and education for more than twenty years and is a regular speaker and author on the subject of experiential learning. She has a first-class degree in Education as well as a Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Professional Training and Development. She also holds numerous psychometric qualifications and has attended many short trainer development programmes as well as providing them herself for her own staff.

She is head of an ILM training centre, and specialises in team and leadership development and helping trainers to ‘zest’ up their programmes!

About the company

We at azesta are a Yorkshire based company that has been delivering great learning experiences for over a decade. We are truly flexible, creative, open and caring.

Our facilitators connect with people brilliantly, live our values and are friendly, down to earth and experienced. Our facilitators are supported by a highly efficient and friendly team of event organisers in the office. They are absolutely meticulous in their approach to organising your programme and attention to detail is key.

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