Shared Book Insights Workshop

Unlock collective learning in under 2 hours. This workshop turns reading a book into a shared

Apply insights from the book to your business, harnessing its ideas to drive meaningful

Created by Carolyn Keesh


The book you choose to read together is entirely up to you. The workshop is designed to adapt to any type of non-fiction book of any length.

When should this session be delivered?

The Shared Book Insights Workshop is a versatile program that can be delivered in various contexts:

  1. Team Building Events: Incorporate the workshop as a team-building activity to foster collaboration, spark new directions and insights, and deepen the connections among team members.
  2. Leadership Retreats: Enhance leadership development initiatives by introducing the workshop, providing leaders with valuable insights and practical strategies to implement
    shared book reading within their respective teams.
  3. Professional Development Days: Integrate the workshop into scheduled professional development days to optimize learning opportunities and provide a fresh perspective to participants.
  4. Strategy and Planning Sessions: Deliver the workshop prior to, or at the onset of strategy and planning sessions to infuse innovative ideas and inspire creative thinking, aligning new ideas with the organization’s goals.
  5. Change Management Initiatives: Support change management efforts by leveraging the workshop to introduce new concepts, generate buy-in, and empower employees to embrace and apply the necessary changes.
  6. Team Development Programs: Include the workshop as part of ongoing team development programs to encourage continuous learning and foster a culture of shared knowledge and growth.

Tailored to your needs, this workshop can be run in person or virtually, ensuring accessibility and convenience for participants.

Who can facilitate it?

The Shared Book Insights Workshop can be facilitated by a range of individuals, including team leaders, project managers, skilled professional facilitators, or anyone capable of guiding a session effectively. Prior knowledge of the selected book is not required.

The workshop is specifically designed to tap into the individual insights and ideas of the participants, rather than relying heavily on group discussions. Each participant shares their unique perspectives and learnings from the book, and the session focuses on collectively examining and identifying patterns that are relevant to the business.

While it involves minimal discussion, the facilitator’s role is to create a supportive environment for participants to download their ideas and guide the team in extracting valuable insights from the book’s content.

This template was the winner of the “Most innovative workshop design” award in the April 2023 innovative workshop design contest organized by SessionLab and the NeverDoneBefore community.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Carolyn Keesh

Carolyn Keesh is an innovative workshop designer, facilitator, and trainer. Through hands-on experience with her clients’ businesses and her own tech startup, she has honed her skills in putting innovation theories into practice. With a deep empathy for clients’ challenges, Carolyn tailors workshops that resonate with their specific needs. With her startup thriving, she is thrilled to return to her passion for program design. Specializing in dynamic and immersive workshops for facilitators, team leaders, and project managers, Carolyn creates transformative experiences that empower individuals and drive meaningful change.

With extensive training in diverse creative problem-solving methodologies such as the Osborne-Parnes Model and Synectics, Carolyn combines her expertise with certification in Expressive Arts. This unique blend allows her to create workshops and innovation sessions that integrate these methods, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment where participants can tap into their creative potential and achieve impactful results.

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