Peer-coaching with the Power of Pictures

Empower leaders or facilitators to bring coaching techniques to their practice with this experiential workshop using metaFox coaching cards.


Created by Tobias Weghorn and Trisha Reyeg from metaFox


When should this session be delivered?

This is a session for aspiring facilitators or leaders who wish to integrate coaching in their practice. The core of the session is a peer coaching exercise that leverages coaching picture cards to prompt the participants into deep reflection to gain insights into the nature of their challenge as well as uncovering resources to resolve it.

Adjust modules based on goals & timing

Depending on your goals, time and context, you can include or exclude the theory blocks on

  • The background and history of picture prompts used in the exercise as well as 
  • The basics of a coaching attitude in leadership and everyday conversations

Who can facilitate it?

Thanks to the step-by-step instruction and detailed slides and material included, this session can be facilitated even by beginner facilitators. Some background in coaching is helpful in order to guide participants through the exercises and answer questions going beyond the peer coaching exercise itself.


As an online workshop

The session can be delivered online, using 

As an in-person workshop

For delivering the session in person,

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Tobias Weghorn

Trisha Reyeg

About the author

Tobias Weghorn is one of the co-founders of metaFox. Being an engineer by education and a trainer by heart he combines his passions in building tools for better people development, coaching and mental health. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Trisha Reyeg is a Partnerships Manager at metaFox, previously a Product Developer of coaching cards. With a background in management and a desire for learning, she pursues a path towards self-improvement and people development. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


metaFox Coaching Tools empower psychologists & facilitators with simple and beautiful tools in creating experiences of authentic connection and reflection. metaFox offers you coaching cards with powerful prompts for meaningful conversation. Spread the cards and enable your clients to reflect, name emotions, identify resources and find their way. 

Discover more methods for coaching on their free e-book “Coaching with Cards”. Read more on the partnership and connection between Sessionlab and metaFox on this blog post.

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