Leadership development workshop (ideal for new leaders)​

Encourage an understanding of effective leadership values and an awareness of different leadership styles​

Created by Ute Nitschke & Nadja Petranovskaja


When should this session be delivered?

This leadership workshop is closely suited to participants who are stepping into a leadership role for the first time as the audience will learn some of the fundamentals of effective leadership.

However, many seasoned leaders will also find the variety of topics and activities in this two-day workshop plan beneficial to their leadership development.

This agenda focuses on the most important areas of leadership such as active listening, level of influence, giving feedback and situational leadership. This workshop plan also embraces the different personality types of those in charge and how different leadership styles can be effective in different ways.

The goal of the workshop is that the attendees leave with an increased clarity on their personal leadership style and an improved understanding of leadership values, gained through the activities covered in the agenda. The audience will also learn how to apply the concepts in their day-to-day work and what they could do differently in the future to improve their leadership skills.

Who can facilitate it?

Some of the activities in this workshop are sourced from Nadja Petranovskaja’s workshop facilitation aid: WonderCards. You may choose to deliver the session yourself with the instructions and notes in the template, though ideally you’ll already have an awareness of leadership styles and an understanding of different personality traits. Using personal experiences as a leader would help in facilitating this session, but isn’t essential. 

However, you may also wish to have an external facilitator leading the session if an external leader with more leadership experience is better suited to your goals.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the authors

Ute Nitschke facilitates change for organizations, teams and individuals. She helps to nudge and to sustainably implement change by being a sparring and implementation partner.

Ute is happy when she can help teams, individuals and organizations to experiment with new ways of thinking and working. As a psychologist, her work is rooted in social sciences. For Ute, a good working day must include a couple of good laughs.

Nadja Petranovskaja works together with Ute on the goal to make facilitation more human. As a business psychologist, Nadja believes that facilitation is one of the key skills in the 21st century and needed not only for professional facilitators, but for everyone who works with people.

As an author, blogger, speaker and facilitator, Nadja brings fresh, actionable impulses and encouragement for coping with changes. 

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