Daily Scrum Meeting

The Daily Scrum meeting is a vital ritual for Agile teams, allowing them to share progress, discuss what’s next and remove blockers in just 15 minutes!

This template also serves as an effective daily stand-up meeting for any team, creating space for an efficient daily alignment.

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When should this session be delivered?

A Daily Scrum meeting or stand-up is typically held at the start of the working day, often at the same time and place. Getting aligned as a team and surfacing issues early in a day can ensure that any blockers are dealt with and that your team is positioned for a productive day of work! 

For teams using Agile methodology, the Daily Scrum meeting is one of several ceremonies that are observed in order to make a sprint a success. Agile teams often start a sprint with a kickoff meeting, use Daily Scrums to stay aligned, and then conduct a retrospective at the end of a sprint. 

This template can also be used as an effective daily stand-up, even for teams not using Agile methodology. Spending fifteen minutes together in the morning can help save time and misunderstandings later in the day. 

Who can facilitate it?

Daily stand-up meetings are generally facilitated by the team leader or Scrum master. For most teams, you can also encourage personal development by electing other team members to facilitate the meeting on a rotating basis. 

As they follow the same pattern every time, these daily meetings are generally not complex to run though a basic understanding of facilitation skills can help ensure it’s productive and on-time. In any case, you’ll ideally want a team leader or major stakeholder present when discussing progress made or any blockers.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

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