Blended Learning Course Template

Use this template to start your design process when working on blended learning courses.
Combine self-paced modules with group study assignments and online workshops for great learning experiences.

Created by Deborah Rim Moiso – SessionLab


When should you use this template?

Use this template to kick-start your design process when working on blended learning experiences. In blended learning, asynchronous self-paced modules are combined with in-synch classroom or workshop experiences to get the best of both worlds. 

This basic Blended Learning Course Template includes 4 modules:
1. Introduction and in-synch welcome workshop;
2. First learning module, including articles, activities and multimedia content and ending in a self-organised peer meeting to work together on the content provided;
3. Second learning module, repeating the pattern of the first;
4. A closing workshop to reflect and consolidate knowledge. 

In this example, the workshops are conducted online, but they could also be in-person if that applies to your case.

We recommend working with two expert online facilitators for the workshops, one to conduct the activities and the other as tech host. Bring in your best subject matter experts to deliver effective and memorable interactive learning sessions!

Who is it for?

This template was created to inspire learning designers.

Use it if you are interested in exploring how a blended learning format might work for you, and discover how SessionLab templates can keep all your course information in one place, make collaboration easier, and simplify your workflow!

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Deborah Rim Moiso

Deborah Rim Moiso is an Endorsed Facilitator with the IAF – International Association of Facilitators and the current co-chair of the Italian IAF Chapter. She is also a content writer for SessionLab and a published author of a manual and deck of cards on facilitation available in Italian (Facilitiamoci! Prendersi cura di gruppi e comunità). She traines new facilitators and has designed and co-led 6 years of climate entrepreneurship summer schools, online and in-person, for the EIT Climate-KIC.

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