Ask me anything workshop

Ask me anything is a workshop that helps participants formulate and answer questions clearly and without shame or embarrassment.

Promote innovation, trust and efficiency among teams, and make sure everyone is up to date with important information and procedures.

Created by Gioia Caminada


When should this session be delivered?

Creating space to ask questions without fear, shame or embarrassment can be useful for any team. This workshop is especially useful for sharing information and improving communication in large organizations, or in organizations have undergone significant structural change.

Organizations that have recently merged, hired many new employees, or adopted new ways of working will likely find additional value in running this session. If you find your team or organization has an issue with information flow or would benefit from a more open culture around questions, this workshop will help you too! 

Who can facilitate it?

This is a beginner friendly workshop, so it can be facilitated by people with moderate experience of facilitation. It is advised that a minimum of two people, and ideally four to five, facilitate this workshop, increasing with the size of the group. 

This template was the winner of the “Beginner Friendly” award in the April 2023 innovative workshop design contest organized by SessionLab and the NeverDoneBefore community.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Gioia Caminada

My name is Gioia (pronounced Joya). I am a learning designer, author,
facilitator and trainer, and I specialize in change management. My collaborations include the University of London, City University of London, the Italian Cultural Institute, the International Organisation for Migration and SALTO Cultural Diversity.

A keen traveller and language learner, I love cooking, photography, yoga and cycling. I have lived and worked in several countries and speak five
languages. Finally, I am a mother and happy member of a diverse

You can read more about my approach to change here, and more about me

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