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Third party service providers

This purpose of this page is to inform you about the third party service providers we work with to run SessionLab.

As we would like to focus on our mission, we decided not to run our own infrastructure or develop all the business support features that we need ourselves. That is why we work with third party service providers who provide hosting, maintenance, backup, storage, analytics, help desk, payment processing and other services for us.

Before engaging any third party service providers, we carry our out due diligence to evaluate their, approach to privacy, security and other practices affecting the processing of the data we might forward to them.

We limit the information provided to these service providers to that which is reasonably necessary for them to perform their functions, and our data protection agreements with these service providers require them to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

Location of processing

Third party service providers we engage in storing and processing the content you create in SessionLab are carrying out their processing activities within the territory of the European Union: Both in case of Amazon Web Services and Pusher we utilize their Irish data center.

Next to these, we do work with other third party service providers – for example, transactional email and analytics services. These providers are either located either in Europe or the US. In case of US. third party service providers, we make sure to work with Privacy Shield participant companies and have Data Protection Agreements with each. The type of data we forward to such providers are typically the user profile data of SessionLab users (name, email, IP, device and browser information), but not the session content that users create.

So to summarise, the actual content you might create in SessionLab is stored and processed within the territory of Europe, while your own personal data (such as name, email address, IP address) does leave the EU to GDPR-compliant service providers.

Third Party Service Providers

Below you may find the full list of third party service providers we work with to provide you with the service of SessionLab

Service Provider (Name of Service, if different)PurposeData forwardedCountry of processing
Amazon Web Services, IncHosting infrastructureAll data including Content you create and upload. Except payment information.Ireland
SendGrid, Inc.Transactional & campaign email delivery serviceContact dataUnited States
Mixpanel, Inc.Analyze in-app eventsContact data, Navigational data, Device & Browser infoUnited States
Google Inc. (Google Analytics)Analyze usage accross our websitesNavigational data, Device & Browser infoWorldwide - Google's network of geographically distributed data centers
PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (Braintree)Payment gateway and processorContact data, Billing & Payment data, Subscription dataUnited States
Intercom, IncHelpdesk within the appContact data, Navigational data, Device & Browser infoUnited States
Pusher Ltd.Enable real-time collaboration within SessionLabSession content excluding attachmentsIreland
Functional Software, Inc. (Sentry)Error reporting systemName, Device & Browser info, Navigational dataUnited States
Slack Technologies Ltd.Internal communication and customer supportNameUnited States
Google Inc. (Google Suite)Email serviceContact dataWorldwide - Google's network of geographically distributed data centers
200OK LLC. (Profitwell)Financial analyticsContact data, Subscription dataUnited States
Pipedrive OÜSales CRMContact dataGermany
Sovereign Net LTD (Convertful)Email collection at blog and libraryContact dataUnited States
Sendinblue SASEmail automation for newsletter subscribersContact dataFrance, Belgium, Ireland
Igil Webs SRL (FirsPromoter)Affiliate marketing softwareContact dataUnited States
Hotjar LimitedAnalyze app usageNavigational data, Device & Browser info, User sessionsIrelenad


In the table above, we used the following categories of data to describe what data we forward to various third party service providers:


  • Content: any content you create within the application, including session plans and library blocks.
  • Attachments: any files you may upload via the service
  • Name: the name you specify in your user profile
  • Contact data: your name and email address
  • Navigational data: the actions you perform and pages you visit while using the application. We log array of specific events (such as ‘Block created’, ‘Page loaded’, ‘Session view changed’, ‘Error’, etc…) with their attributes to allow us to analyse site usage, service improvement and to provide effective support.
  • Device & Browser info: information about the type and version of the browser and device you use when navigating on SessionLab websites.
  • Billing data: the billing name, billing address and (optionally) VAT ID you provide when upgrading to a paid subscription,
  • Payment data: the credit card information you use for paying for a paid service plan.
  • Subscription data: if you have a paid account, this is the data describing the type of subscription you have, such as ‘Yearly Pro account billed in EUR’ or ‘Annual Team account billed in USD’. It includes information such as the price of the subscription and past and future billing dates.
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