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Our goal

To create a comprehensive report on the facilitation profession and build a resource for facilitators everywhere.

How do facilitators work? How is facilitation evolving? What tools and resources do expert facilitators use?

Facilitation is workplace superskill, essential to unlocking collaboration and effective teamwork. Effective facilitators are increasingly in demand, but who are they? What are their challenges? How has facilitation changed in 2023 and what might it look like in the future?

Time to reveal the real State of Facilitation!

In late 2023, we asked facilitators everywhere to contribute to the second edition of The State of Facilitation Report. We received more than 975 responses and collected insights from 12 experts. Our intention is to continue hold up this mirror to the facilitation community, sparking reflections and conversations about where we are at and where we want to go next. We hope you will join us.

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The State of Facilitation is an initiative from SessionLab – A better way to design workshops.

Our main goal with this project is to better understand the profession of facilitation, share insights, and promote discussions in and beyond the global facilitation community.


Special thanks to the following people for helping us creating this report.



Filip Kis

Editor-in-Chief, Founder & CTO @ SessionLab

Deborah Rim Moiso

Report Editor, Content Writer @ SessionLab

Irene Maweu

Expert Insight, Founder @ The Heart of African Facilitation

John Kingsley Cornwel

Expert Insight, IAF Social Inclusion Special Interest Group

Marie Dubost

Expert Insight,Trainer and Accessibility geek.

Kirsty Lewis

Expert Insight, Founder @ School of Facilitation

Hector Villarreal Lozoya

Expert Insight, Trainer, Facilitator, Founder @ Facilitación Virtual

Nathy Ravez

Expert Insight, Founder @ La Workshoppeuse

Leanne Hughes

Expert Insight, Author and Host @ First Time Facilitator

Robert Kienzle

Expert insight, Senior Consultant @ Knowmium

Myriam Hadnes

Expert Insight, Founder @ NeverDoneBefore

Gwyn Wansbrough

Expert Insight, Author @ The Quest

Douglas Ferguson

Expert Insight, President @ Voltage Control

Alexandre Eisenchteter

Expert Insight, Founder @ Stormz and AI Tinkerers' Club

Laura Vidal

Design, UX Designer @ SessionLab


State of Facilitation 2023

Last year the global facilitation community was generous enough to provide over 1100 responses to the first-ever survey on the state of facilitation.

Check out the 2023 report to find aggregated results from the survey, divided into 7 sections covering everything from demographics and employment, to challenges and tools.

You’ll also find a collection of key takeaways, information and insightful commentary by workshop design and delivery experts from around the world and see why they think that facilitation is everywhere and yet it hasn’t reached the recognition it needs.

The State of Facilitation Survey and Report is an initiative of SessionLab — a better way to design workshops.

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