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Yes, no, please, banana

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In pairs, create 30 second scenes with only these 4 words.



focus on having a relationship
explore emotions


A fun, simple exercise to help students become comfortable performing in front of the class and break out of their shell.


1. Divide the class into pairs.

2. The goal of each pair is to create a 30 second scene using only four words: “Yes”, “No”, “Please” and “Banana”.

3. Depending on the age group, encourage the students to include a range of emotions in the scene, and if possible to have a beginning, middle and end. Although many of the scenes will be silly, encourage them to try and make it believable.

4. Allow the kids a few minutes to practice, then have them perform in front of the class.

TIP: Consider performing an example scene with an assistant before allowing the kids to create their own.


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