Erica Marx

Yes, lets!

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One person gives a suggestion and everyone does what they say. 



full acceptance of offers
make bold choices
support each other and experience support


Stand in circle

Person 1 initiates a clear bold action by saying “Let's hop on one foot.”

The group replies “yes let's” enthusiastically and everyone  hops on one foot.

The next student player continues by saying "let's ..." filling in what ever they want the group to do.

The class replies “yes let's and carries out the action.

This continues around the circle until everyone has suggested something.

Encourage a strong and enthusiastic response of "Yes Let's".

Group Scenes Variation  
Have people notice who is to their right in the circle, ie. the person who will be passing them the next action. Then play Yes, Lets and encourage the group to move around, interact with each other, form micro scene snapshots with each other before the next "Lets... " is initiated. "Let's all go to the beach!" "Let's move this big log!"


Person A: Hey Everybody!

Everybody: Hey [Name]!

Person A: Let's ________!

Everybody: Yes Let's!

Teaching Notes


Everyone committed before they think

Parachute will be sewn as we fall through the sky

Everyone has your back

Make offers with emotional suggestions

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