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Yes, and cards

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Pass out 2 colors of cards. Everyone answers "what does it look like when X topic is present (positive goal). One color puts down cards and builds out answers in paired yes, and conversations. Then switch roles. 



realize answers get better by collaborating
physically model putting down and stepping away from your answer
practice support
get buy in for workshop topic
develop positive vision of goal achieved
Great way to start a workshop on a topic & get buy-in


Pass out 2 colors of index cards (yellow, blue).
Everyone answers "what does it look like when X topic is present (positive goal) - 2 min writing.

Yellow team puts down cards. These people become the supporters. They will pair up with blue team members. Yellow card people's job is to be 'yes, and' supporters of whatever blue says. They make blue answers even better. Make your partner look brilliant. 1 min for the conversation. Switch partners (1 min) Switch partners (1 min)

Then switch so yellow team gets supported by blue team members. 

Cards travel separately from the people in the group (swap cards randomly)
Can combine with prioritization voting - see Thiagi 35 game


Erica's invention in this form :)

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