Erica Marx

Sun and Moon (Triangles)

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Round 1
Choose 2 people. Your goal is to be between 2 people, equally distance
be safe
If the group is still moving, they have not achieved it.

Round 2 Variation (from Patrick Short)
There are 2 rule changes.

1. If you are not equidistant you must be moving toward it, but you don't need to get there. 

2. And because of that we are going to move slowly and take baby steps (demo, may need to coach this)

Let it play a while, stop and ask if everyone is there
If one or 2 people will raises their hand, give the group more time, they will often arrive

Debrief notes
One person plays long triangle and then they move, EVERYONE needs to adjust. Their emergency affects everyone else.  OR this is the 'disruptor' and its useful (for some organizations)

Facilitation Variation
If you were in the triangle with this person, sit down. Pretty soon everyone will sit down. We are all connected. (from Julie Trell)

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