Erica Marx

Sound and Motion

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Pass a sound & motion, repeating only what was shared with you



Listening challenge.
Let go of the expected.
Appreciate each person's "uniqueness"


Pass sound & motion to the next person. Let go of what happened before & repeat as exactly as possible. Like full body telephone.

Notice how challenging it is to listen to what's in front of you rather than what you expect. Allow yourself to embody what you've received. 

notes: Each person's "you-ness" comes out naturally, even when attempting to copy 100%


• Encourage participants to exactly copy the person before them from head to toe.

• Give praise when participants incorporate subtle nuances

Amplify and reduce the expression as it passes around the circle


• How does noticing and incorporating feel? (This lays the groundwork for discussing collaboration as more productive than competition.) 

• What discoveries were made from beginning to end? (This helps participants recognize that innovation

What happens when we pay close attention and value novel ideas and/or mistakes.) 

• How did "mistakes" (e.g. additional gestures or sounds that were not part of the original sound and motion) change things? 

• How does this change the way you think about mistakes?



5.3 in AINbook. Also known as Energy Pass (Fotis and O' Hara 2016), this imitation game is similar to many exercises that ask participants to increase their awareness of others in the group. For additional awareness exercises, we recommend Boal's (i992) A Round of Rhythm

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