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Short Autobiography

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20 - 120 Low

A simple and effective way to start a personal presentation.



Think about oneself in a different and meaningful way.

Present oneself to a group.

Get to know colleagues/participants.



    The challenge is to present oneself using no more than 10 words. 

    The facilitator can give some examples:

    • "Born a woman, an individualist that doens't believe in GOD";
    • "Firstborn, made art out of loneliness, strength out of weakness";
    • "Wanted to be an archeologist or detective. Turned to psychology."

    Give 10 minutes to individually reflect and practice. 

    Can write the final version in a post it (to create a group wall).

    Each participants shares it's short autobiography and can complement with other information.

    Colleagues are encouraged to ask questions to know more and clarify.


    The idea came up when in 2009 a Portuguese magazine invite 10 well know personalities to write their autobiography using up to 10 words. According to the article, the ideia of writing a story in a sentence came with a challenge that was made to Ernest Hemingway.

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