Erica Marx

SCES Cascade

by for .  

Group yes, and circle game



Practice SCES

embrace enthusiastic agreement 

show commitment to one another 

build on ONE idea

learn that repetition itself is heightening


SCES = Self Contained Emotional Statement. I love the beach. I am afraid of this darkness. etc.

Group stands in a circle

Player 1 gives SCES (I love the beach). Player 2 agrees with their own SCES (I love relaxing in the sand). Play continues around the circle, each person making their own SCES building on the last thing that was said until it reaches Player 1 (Pink sand, I love it!)

Player 2 starts a new cascade with a new SCES


1.5 in Improv as Improv Does Best Curriculum by Patrick Gantz 2018 (p. 12 in Intro to improv)

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