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Planning game

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Planning at least 70 procent of your time for doing the tasks.



    We divided the participants into seven groups with 5 people. They were given a paper with all the tasks they needed to finish in the time given (50 minutes). Everytime they finished a task, they had to go to a facilitator to put a check on it so it counts as finished. The tasks were:

    1. Riddles - Guess 2 riddles.

    2. Tic tac toe - 3 people from the team should win a game against a facilitator.

    3. Guess the drawing - The whole team should get in a line. Choose one person to draw the original drawing on a piece of paper attached to the back of the person in front of them. Then they have to feel the movement of the pen and try to copy the drawing on their own piece of paper, that's also attached to the back of the next person in front of them, until the end of the line. If they are in sync they will hopefully end up with similar pictures.

    4. Human pyramid - The members of the team should build a formation based on the variation (2 hands 3 legs, 3 hands 2 legs 1 finger, etc.) given to them and hold that pose for 10 seconds.

    5. Routine clock - Draw a circle and make it like a clock with 24 hours. Then write the daily routine you wish you had in it.

    6. Card tower - Get cards from the stack of cards and build a tower with them. The tower should be at least 3 levels.

    7. The perfect morning

    a. Image you have your perfect morning which takes 2 hours.

    b. Write your perfect morning routine including at least two delayed gratification activities. After writing it ask yourself: If I will have this morning every day for one year, will the future me be satisfied?

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