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* weather check-in
* photo card
* one word
* one song
* draw a symbol
* lego tower
* roller coaster drawing
* 1-2-3 with sound & motion replacement

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    Weather check-in
    One of my favorites is to ask them to relate how they are to a weather metaphor. ie. "I'm right in the middle of a storm and wind is blowing everywhere" I might ask them how it feels to be there to clarify ("I'm wet but I'm handling it, it's exciting" or "I feel like everything's out of control"). Sometimes the symbols that come up in these metaphors come up in the meeting. And then at the end of the meeting we go around and check in again. Things have always changed in their landscape. There's something about weather metaphors is that is accessible to people and they are rich with symbolism.

    Photo card Check-in

    Individual: Each person picks a photo card. Relates how they are feeling to that card. Can do random draw or let them choose.

    Team story: "Once there was a team who..." build a story one person's share at a time. Each person adds a sentence to the shared story. 

    Draw a symbol
    Draw a symbol that reflects your intention for the meeting. Or how you're feeling. Or you related to the topic. 

    Lego tower 
    Build a tower in 1 min. Now add person. Adjust sculpture to capture how you are feeling about X topic.

    Share a single word

    Share a song title / sing the refrain

    Roller Coaster Check-In

    Goal: Create a shared picture of the feelings in the group

    Step 1: Draw a wavy line that resembles a rollercoaster, across an entire flipchart/whiteboard. Make sure to include loops, steep sections, and shallow sections.

    Step 2: Ask each team member to draw themselves on the rollercoaster, depicting how they feel right now, then share that feeling with the group. Have everyone do this, one by one.

    Step 3: When everyone has checked-in, look at the rollercoaster as a team and share/discuss any thoughts that emerge.

    From Lee Ryan in AIN

    with sound & motion for how you feel right now replacing 2 & 3

    rename yourself with current emotion + last thing you ate


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