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Object Meditation

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A focused meditation to become present and aware. We accept our feelings, leaving behind what we doesn't serve us right now. A ideal way to open a workshop or team meeting.



  • to check-in with how we are feeling and thinking, both physically and mentally.
  • to consider all the emotions as neutral- some emotions may feel negative, but emotions are simply impulses to take action.
  • to leave behind what we don't need right now (we can go back to it afterwards, or let it go completely)
  • to be present throughout




    1. Explain the goal of the exercise.

    2. Ask the team to pick an object from around their desk and hold it in their hands, it can be any object, a mug, or a pen, a book- anything at hand.  

    (If nothing is around, you can use your chair, or your immediate surroundings and modify the exercise)

    3. As facilitator, you can say use this script, or modify it, speaking slowly and calmly:
    "We'll do a check in with body, mind and feelings, taking a minute to notice what is happening inside of you.... you might want to close your eyes, if done virtually, you might switch you camera off. The goal is to sit and be present."

    Give a pause

    Suggestions sometimes help to prompt how people might feel. Speaking slowly and quietly

    "Consider how you feel:

    Physically: tired, maybe some aches and pains, maybe full of energy 

    Mentally: thinking about what you have to do today, or something that happened this morning, maybe you're sceptical about checking in

    Emotionally: happy, grounded, maybe stressed or anxious

    Consider these feelings, neither as positive or negative. Just as they are"

    Give a longer pause

    4. Script two- spoken in a soft tone:

    "Now Focus all of your attention on the object, open your eyes if they were closed and look at the object as if you haven't seen it before.... breathe slowly and deeply... let your body relax... let your arms and shoulders relax... let your feet and legs relax... as you look at this object, begin to feel it's energy, if you can't feel energy, that's not your thing,  just feel how the object's surface feels, feel how the colour of it feels to you, how it's shape is.... and connect with this object... right now, it's an extension of you... suspend your disbelief.... and as you were checking in before.... allow any feelings you don't need right now: tiredness, stress, or any thoughts about what you might have to do later to flow out of you.... and as they flow out of you... they flow into this object... send it all there... the object is going to hold these thoughts and feelings for you... and you are free to pick them up later... or you can just let them all go... relax.... and amplify the emotions that you do want to hold onto... maybe you're choosing to relax and be still... or perhaps feeling  energised... choose the feeling you want to step into this meeting with.... continue to breathe deeply and slowly.... and when you feel ready... look away from the object, place it down, away from you, and feel ready to be focused."

    5. Ask how everyone is feeling, they don't need to bring personal points too much, but did they find the exercise useful? Relaxing? Difficult? 


    Modified from the 50 Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence: Level II Middle School by Inner Choice Publishing and 

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