Erica Marx

Loser Ball

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Imaginary ball thrown around the group and people spectacularly miss catching it.



accepting mistakes as gifts for the scene
support others, group bonding


Everyone throws around an object work ball around the circle, but nobody can catch it no matter how hard they try. And rather than being upset that they couldn't catch it, the rest of the circle cheers wildly as if failing to catch the ball was the best thing they've ever seen. The more spectacularly someone fails at catching the ball, the more excited the group should be.

The ball is thrown to a person, preferably by naming that person ("here John") or some other way to focus the group on the catcher. He catcher misses the ball, drops it, fumbles, or whatever, as long as he fails.

The rest of the group finds something praiseworthy about what the catcher did and states this E.g. "Good move!", "Great energy!" etc.


Origin Attributed to Jill Bernard.

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