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I'll take that fear

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People share a fear, it is received by another, and then they are asked to share the advice that a trusted mentor or friend would give them.



Have everyone think of someone who is a great friend, mentor, or supporter. Someone who always has your back, who supports you unconditionally. Give people time to think quietly. Instruct them to choose one person for the purpose of this exercise. 
Think about what quality that person embodies for you. Optional - have people share those qualities in chat or otherwise.

Everyone renames themselves with "Your Name - Their name" .. ie. "Jean-Agnes". Their name first, then add the name of their person. 

The activity has no set order. Someone will start by sharing a fear in a sentence or two (Demo this)

Another person in the group says: "I'll take that fear"

The second person gives a brief summary such as "What I hear you're saying is that you're afraid to apply for this promotion because you're afraid of what your boss might think" 

Then the second person says "What would ____ say?", filling in the name of that person's mentor. eg. "What would Agnes say?"

The first person then answers the question. After they have answered, the second person begins their turn by sharing a fear they have. A third person will then say "I'll take that fear" and the play continues.

Notes - 
In this activity people will be sharing true fears. For added empathy engagement, invite participants to listen from the perspective of their person as the other people are sharing. Think about how your person would be hearing it if you were expressing the fear that has been shared. 

Debrief - What occurred to you as we were playing this game?


Michelle Clarke developed this from several sources, I have made minor adaptations.

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