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Hoshin empowers individuals within the organization to make decisions by defining tactics for scenario-design. 



Business planning is not a cycle but rather a living document. You do not plan for a breakthrough, but for all things you can oversee. By developing tactics for scenario-design, based on a common vision, mission, and strategy, individuals in the organization become empowered to make decisions. This leads to more powerful and flexible relationships between different business units. 

The Hoshin template provides individuals an opportunity to develop a common vision, mission, and strategy. By aligning this, individuals have a better sense of the direction of the company.




    Work your way through the Hoshin template by asking participants to answer every box of the template individually. For every dimension of the Hoshin template, ask participants to write down their name + answer on their cue card, and ask them to place their card in the corresponding box on the whiteboard.

    Status quo. Who is [the company]?

    Vision. The timeframe in which you want to realize change; “we believe …”

    Mission. What is de biggest change (mission, ambition) we want to realize?

    Goal. What is our breakthrough?

    Objectives. How do we measure our goal and success?

    Strategies. Based on the Wheel of Reasoning; how do you transform crisis into change?

    Tactics. The answers to the strategy question

    Milestones. How do you measure the success of your tactics? 


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