Erica Marx

High-five elimination

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Try to high-five the person to your right or left. If you match you stay in the game.



Energizer for Zoom call


Intro --
Everyone in gallery view
This game works because Zoom scrambles the order of the boxes
Everyone will have their own view of who is to the right or left. Honor system game
Make sure you can see at least one person to your right and one person to your left.
(may need to designate up/down as L/R if on mobile vertical view)
Have everyone change video setting to "Hide non-video participants"
Practice turning on/off video and watching videos appear/disappear

Demo high five (both hands) to the right or left inside your own frame.

Facilitator will count 321 GO and everyone makes a choice.
If you successfully high-five the other person (in your own view), you stay in the game.

Play music between rounds

Include high-five up and down to increase speed of elimination

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