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Guardian Angel

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In small groups people transform into their own Guardian Angels and share how they will be taking care of their 'client' during an upcoming situation. 



Think ahead about potential obstacles you may encounter
Access gentle guidance for yourself
Witness and support each other


In small groups (ie. groups of 3)

Lead people through grounding meditation and have them connect to themselves, connect to the space, connect to the sky above, and then feel their bodies transform into Guardian Angels. 

You are now each Guardian Angels. You are gathered to talk with each other. You are hard-working, dedicated, compassionate Guardian angels and you've been working together as a team for many years. You’re each thinking about this upcoming conference. You’ve got an important client, someone you really care about. Because in this next game, you will each play your own guardian angel.

And given you know… (give information generated from previous exercises / context of why people are gathered)

And also… you know what they need and how to take care of them. You know how they can get themselves into trouble, get off track. You know how to bring them back.

- How to use this info to make the most out of this opportunity?
- What advice do you give them?

- How are you going to take care of them?

Spend ~1 minute / person in the group having them speak as their Guardian Angel to the other angels. 

After the individual shares, take another couple minutes for the team to share about how they might be able to help each other take care of their clients.

Suggestion at end: Remember to take your guardian angel with you!


Erica's adaptation of Guardian Angel exercise from Randy Dixon, shared a AIN conferences. Erica led at AIN Oxford 2016 and Irvine 2017.

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