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Gif Oracle

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The group tells made-up fortunes inspired by a random gif



practice building on each other's ideas 
dream a bit about the future you want
reflect on how meaning is created




    Explain the activity and then ask for a volunteer. The volunteer will be sharing a real question about their life and responding to what the group shares. They will also have their eyes closed for several minutes. 

    How to run the activity (online)

    A volunteer asks a question like you would ask a fortune teller. e.g. "I am considering changing jobs but not sure if it is a good idea." Instruct the volunteer to close their eyes for the next few minutes (until prompted to open them by the facilitator).

    The facilitator screen shares a gif from an online random gif generator. There are many of these; just google "random gif generator."

    Inspired by the gif, the group collectively tells the fortune one line at a time, using "yes, and" to build on what the previous person has shared. Although this is just a game, tell a fortune that is positive and/or mysterious. Focus on strengths and positive aspects of the person and gif to create a fortune that leaves a positive path open for the receiver. 

    When the complete fortune has been shared, the volunteer (still with their eyes closed) shares how they feel about the fortune that was shared. What resonates, what they learned, etc.  

    Optional: The volunteer shares what they think the gif looks like before opening their eyes.

    The facilitator takes down the gif.

    The volunteer opens their eyes.
    The facilitator asks the volunteer if they want to see the gif. If the volunteer says yes, then the gif is shared.


    Volunteer asked the group Oracle "Where will I be in 10 years?"
    Volunteer closed their eyes.
    Facilitator shared a random gif, which was a man saying "so much bloodshed" with a gleeful gesture.

    Person 1 shared "You will be very in touch with your feminine side..."
    Person 2 "Yes, and you will really come to be very connected with your body and its power"
    Person 3 "Yes, and others will be in awe of you..."
    Person 4 "Yes, and you will be very joyful..."
    Person 1 "Yes, and you will conquer all your fears..."

    ETC until there was a sense of completion in the group

    Facilitator asked "how do you feel hearing this?"
    Volunteer shared "I feel sexy, powerful, .... 'I want to be there now, not in 10 years'. 

    Facilitator asked what did you see?
    She shared she saw an image of an anime image of a naked woman with the moon behind her and others around her cheering. 
    (the volunteer's eyes are still closed to this point)

    Facilitator took down the gif. Volunteer opened their eyes.
    Facilitator asked if she would like to see the gif, she says yes.
    Facilitator shared the gif. 
    Facilitator asked how she feels now seeing the gif


    Developed by +Andrea Wodniok, Erica Marx, 🌈🐣✨Ada Roseti, +Delia Dobritoiu, and Susan Pope in the afterparty of AIN Open Space, Oct 2021

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